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cropped-edited-adore.jpg//Diplo(mantiq) – (دبلو (منطق

Diplomantiq (adverb) = Combining diplomacy and Mantiq (logic in Arabic). A new state of being for the everyday citizen diplomat – That is, you and I.

Diplomantiq is a social initiative operating on a non-profit basis, focussed on individual & collective progress in society.

Subjects covered: Culture & Art, Digital and Social Media, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, physical well-being and of course, diplomacy.

//The ‘Why’:

All our work is based on one thing: Progress. We believe in empowering you with the knowledge and skills to become beacons of light in your personal and professional lives – living and working at your full potential as a human being.

//The ‘How’: Becoming Diplomantiq

  • Firstly, we aim to create a space through this website and our social media platforms that contest the exclusivity of diplomacy and bring it back to the grassroots.

Becoming Diplomantiq is becoming socially-conscious of the self and the other. It is the right to express ideas, offer solutions and partake in the global conversation.

  • Secondly, We research and investigate current trends, and open up the platform to receive your thoughts and insights, presented in creative methods to suit various learning styles.

To set the scene, the inaugural Diplomantiq project was ‘Art&Diplomacy: Negotiating Identities’ – Illustrating the use of art as a tool for diplomacy, particularly in the context of national representations.

  • Thirdly, you will be able to experience, learn and teach in our workshops, and listen to key speakers in our conferences as and when they take place.

//The ‘What’:

All of the above is translated through three categories:

– Online Magazine

– Media Content

– Workshops & Conferences

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// Founder:

// Mustafa  Al-Obaidi


Experienced in cause-related marketing campaigns, and has extended his knowledge through active interest in the fields of behavioural psychology, nation branding and public diplomacy. He combines his professional experience and academic studies to create this initiative – with aspirations for it to become a driving force in the progression of civil society globally.

Mustafa holds an MSc International Marketing and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK & the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), UK.

//Twitter: @musobaidi