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Diplomantiq Dictionary: A collection of themes and statements that are commonly used within the Diplomantiq website; our curation of the language and words which are useful around the conversation of progress. It is ever-expanding, so keep visiting back.


  • The collective anecdotes and stories that a community/society organizes itself around. It is the main way in which humans preserve history and understand and interact with present/society.

Single Story Narrative:

  • The acceptance of a single story as a definitive narrative about a culture or peoples. The term was famously highlighted by Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie, bringing attention to the power of stories causing harm if we are not mindful of their incompleteness. (Listen to the Ted Talk here).

Cultural Appropriation:

Cultural Cleansing:

Social Constructs:

  • An idea that is artificially imposed on a society, through culture or conventional knowledge. Social constructs are ideas that do not explain the nature of things, but rather their contextual definitions. Masculinity is a social construct, as it is vividly demonstrated in Tamara Abdul Hadi’s Picture an Arab Man